BLACKOUT: Swedish media remained silent when police raided the home of the country's former prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt (center left) on suspicions of drug dealing. Now, Erik Reinfeldt (far right), the son of the former prime minister, has been convicted of cocaine possession.

Swedish media blackout as police raids former Prime Minister's apartment, finds cocaine and arrests Fredrik Reinfeldt's high-as-a-kite son Erik, 25, wearing only his underpants and screaming for "DADDY!"

Publicerad 8 september 2020 kl 14.38

Inrikes. Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister of Sweden, had his private home raided by the police in a spectacular drug bust. Amazingly, all Swedish mainstream media outlets failed to mention his name when reporting about the case Friday. Aftonbladet, the largest Swedish tabloid, only told its readers that a "former politician" had been raided and SVT, the country's official state broadcaster, called Reinfeldt a "former top politician", also without naming his name.

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Erik Reinfeldt, the son of Sweden's liberal former PM, has been fined for drug offenses after being arrested during a humiliating drug raid on his father's apartment on Eastmansvägen in central Stockholm.

The police found the 25-year-old in the elevator of the building, half-naked and heavily under the influence of drugs, demanding to speak to his father Fredrik Reinfeldt on the phone.

There were immediate suspicions that the apartment, where Fredrik Reindfeldt is officially registered as a recident together with his 13 years younger mistress and former secretary Roberta Alenius, had been used for trafficking large amounts of cocaine.

Swedish mainstream media, however, has unanimously decided cover up the whole scandal: In the few reports about the bust that have been published, Fredrik Reinfeldt's name has been entirely redacted and the former PM is referred to only as a "former politician".

Fredrik Reinfeldt, 55, was Prime Minister of Sweden from 2006 to 2014 and is best known for his outspoken and uncompromising support for large scale thirld-world immigration. Only last week he released his new book "Ödesvalet", co-written with his other son Gustaf Reinfeldt, which depicts U.S. President Donald Trump and his family as a criminal threat to the entire liberal "world order".

According to the police report from the incident, which has been obtained and published in full by Fria Tider Plus, the police received a tip about a man acting suspiciously outside an apartment on Eastmansvägen in Vasastan in central Stockholm on November 7 last year.

Arriving on the scene, the police found shoes, socks and clothes strewn about in the staircase of the building. They heard a voice coming from inside the elevator, and when they pressed the elevator button, the doors opened and there stood Erik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt's 25-year-old son, wearing only his underpants and "fiddling with his watch".

"Erik is glassy-eyed and when I ask him what he is doing, Erik states that he is on his way home to his apartment on the 6th floor," police officer Thomas Nordström wrote in his report on the incident.

"He moved with uncontrolled body movements and seemed to have a difficulty focusing. He is spluttering and does not seem to know what had happened during the evening or why we are there. He immediately says that he has taken sleep medication and anti-anxiety medication. He has a very staring gaze," his colleague, Johannes Rasjö, pointed out.

The police told Erik to put on his clothes again, which he did. They then followed the politician's son to his father's apartment on the sixth floor where his girlfriend Chloé was waiting with the door open, wondering what had happened.

The 25-year-old told the officers that he was not feeling well and asked them to call his father. The police called the former Prime Minister, and then handed over the phone to Erik.

While Erik Reinfeldt was talking to his father, the two policemen began questioning whether Erik was really only on legal medication. They decided to body-search him and found five zip bags with what they suspected to be cocaine in them. As Erik tried to stop the police from continuing the body search, they were forced to lay the ex-PM's son down on the floor.

The police then took over the phone from Erik and announced to Fredrik Reinfeldt that his son was suspected of drug crimes.

They continued the body search and found 3 grams of cocaine. They also found SEK 5,000 in cash, which made them suspect that the son of the ex-PM had been peddling the drugs from his father's home. After consulting external officers, a decision was quickly made to search Fredrik Reinfeldt's apartment.

During the house search, an additional SEK 5,000 in cash was found. Police also found more zip bags and a plate with what was suspected to be cocaine residues on it.

Erik Reinfeldt, however, insisted that he had only used the cocaine himself and that he had not pushed any drugs.

"I had bought the cocaine for myself. I have cash to pay for it. Bank transfers don't really work when buying drugs," he said during the police interrogation.

When asked where he got the cash, he told the police that it was given to him by his mother, Filippa Reinfeldt, who is also a high-profile politician currently serving as the Moderate Party's "LGBT spokesperson".

The interrogator asked Erik if Filippa Reinfeldt knew what he would use the money for. Erik answered that his mother "probably had a clue".

"No. But she probably had a clue. But I guess she wanted to help me," he said.

As the suspicion of cocaine peddling could not be substantiated, Erik Reinfeldt was not convicted of actually dealing drugs. Instead, he received a so-called penalty order for drug offenses with a suspended sentence and a day-fine as a penalty. The Stockholm City Prosecutor's Office told Fria Tider that the penalty order is from August 20 this year.

If Erik Reinfeldt relapses into crime, the suspended sentence can be overturned and imprisonment imposed instead.

Fredrik Reinfeldt has declined to comment on the criminal proceedings against his son and the raid on his apartment.

Only few Swedish media outlets have written about the drug bust, and they have all failed to mention that the target of the raid was the home of the former Prime Minister.

Sweden's largest newspaper, Aftonbladet, reported that the police had searched the house of "a former politician" and that at "relative" of the unmentioned politician had been convicted of drug offenses.

Similarily, the state-owned television network SVT referred to Fredrik Reinfeldt only as a "former top politician".

According to Stoppa Pressarna, neigbours of the former Prime Minister have been complaining about "wild" late-night parties going on in the Prime Minister's apartment on Eastmansvägen.

"Once I met [Erik Reinfeldt] in the middle of the day and I remember reacting: it was the prime minister's boy, after all," said one of the neighbours.

The source told Stoppa Pressarna that he watched the politician's son "jumping around" and doing "Indian jumps" while mumbling to himself. Even though it was cold outside, Erik was only wearing a t-shirt, the neighbour said.

Another neighbour expressed hopes that Erik will now finally be able to get the support he needs to combat his addiction.

"His father should take this seriously and not let the kid roam around like this. It's not appropriate at all and many of us wonder what is really going on in this family," the neighbour told Stoppa Pressarna.

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